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Avian Flu and Bird Feeders

There have been a lot of questions about what to do with your feeders now that the Avian Flu has been reported in several Michigan counties. At this writing the MI DNR have not banned bird feeders but indicate that removing them would help manage the spread. The recommendations are variable based on your location, types of birds being fed, and whether there are groups of vulnerable birds nearby. Read the Michigan Audubon blog post for the details so you can make an informed decision.

Meetings/Programs and Tuesday Tours

Meetings & Programs will be restarting in the fall of 2022.  Watch the JAS events calendar and your email inbox for updates.

Tuesday tours and outdoor trips are scheduled.  Watch your email and the JAS home page (to your right) and the events page for details, especially as regards changing COVID-19 restrictions.

Who We Are

The Jackson Audubon Society (JAS) is a chapter of the Michigan Audubon Society. The mission of JAS is to instill in the people of Jackson County an interest, knowledge, and appreciation of birds and other wildlife.

We host monthly wildlife and conservation programs and introduce the public to birds during special walks at local and nearby birding areas. JAS has many knowledgeable and recognized birders who are always happy to help someone new. We get together in December for a Christmas Bird Count and we celebrate Earth Day every year at a public event with the Jackson Area Outdoor Coalition.

JAS promotes sound conservation methods by helping restore wildlife habitat and by helping prevent pollution through education. We sponsor a large number of Audubon classrooms in the area. We were instrumental in bringing back nesting Peregrine Falcons to downtown Jackson. We encourage Consumers Energy to turn its headquarters’ lights out during migration. Our volunteers strive to provide a healthy marsh to encourage Sandhill Crane nesting at the Haehnle Sanctuary where hundreds of people and thousands of cranes congregate during the fall migration.

We preserve outstanding wildlife areas by actively managing the Kate Palmer Sanctuary & the Phyllis Haehnle Memorial Sanctuary and educating the public through tours and events. JAS partners with the Michigan Audubon Society and National Audubon Society and other organizations that are working to conserve our natural resources and protect the environment.

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