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  • Tuesday Group- Lime Lake Fen

Tuesday Group- Lime Lake Fen

  • Tuesday, July 12, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Lime Lake

Gary Mason will be leading a walk at the Lime Lake Fen.  This unique habitat is just off Teft Rd. and the Falling Waters Trail in Spring Arbor Township.  The approach will likely be muddy at this time of year so appropriate footwear is recommended.  There will also be the opportunity to walk in the shallows, along the Lime Lake (South Lake) shoreline, if you want to do that (barefooted or in sandals).

Here is Gary's article about the fen in Bird Tracks from Spring/Summer 2021:

There is a unique plant community that is coming back to life here in Jackson County. It is known as the Lime Lake Fen, and it is located just off the Falling Waters Trail, in Spring Arbor. It is a relatively small area that lies between what are known to locals as the South Lake and the Third Lake, in the Lime Lake area. The fen can be accessed by taking a small side trail south from the Falling Waters Trail, just at the east end of the South Lake.

On the south end of the fen is a small creek, fed by Peppermint Springs, which is on private property, just beyond the boundary of Lime Lake County Park. This is part of the headwaters of Sandstone Creek, that eventually flows through the Kate Palmer Sanctuary, at the corner of McCain and O’Brien Roads.

Here is a description of this unique area, from “The Lime Lake Fen is a calcareous wetland consisting of a narrow strip of land between two lakes that were mined for marl during the early 20th century. The fen has a number of rare plant species that are unique to calcium rich wetlands. The area is part of the

Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department and so affords some protected status. However, the habitat has suffered considerable degradation over the years, primarily from the introduction of the invasive shrub, glossy buckthorn, and alterations to natural drainage patterns. Some restoration work has been performed, including the removal of a patch of buckthorn stems and the restoration of proper drainage patterns. 

Bring a bag lunch and drink so after the walk we can use the park's tables for a picnic lunch.

(All photos: Gary Mason)

Meet at 9 AM, at the north parking lot.  It is located before Cox Road, just south of the Williams Farm and Carter Road. Coming from the north, turn left into the parking area when Teft Road makes a sharp right turn. (Be careful to look for traffic coming from the right.) It is the parking area and boat launch for the North Lime Lake.

NOTE:  This is not the county park parking lot.

GPS coordinates:  42.18931980863521, -84.55341600015416

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