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Jackson rare bird alert is moving to a new platform

Thursday, February 24, 2022 4:10 PM | Steve Jerant (Administrator)

From Linda Ar:

The Jackson Whatsapp rare bird alert is moving to a new platform starting today! (See below for how to switch over) If you’re not familiar with the bird sharing groups app (Whatsapp) please read on for an explanation of the new platform, Discord, as the Whatsapp groups will no longer be used. 

As part of the state and county bird alert groups, we are moving to the “Birding Michigan” channel on the Discord app. This is a new, comprehensive platform for all state and local birding groups (rare birds and chat groups alike). We have been working behind the scenes for over a month getting the platform ready and are very excited to finally be launching. Discord runs on both mobile and desktop/laptop systems.

Jackson County will have two groups - a Jackson rare bird alert group and a Jackson chat group, which will be much looser and more conversational.

To join, start by downloading the Discord app at the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Then register with your email address, and create a username and password. Then, accept the invite to the Michigan Birds Discord server here:

Once in, proceed to the “new members” channel, where you will find instructions for accepting the server rules by typing the following into the “New Members” channel.

!agree John Smith

(exclamation with no space + agree, space, first/last name with spaces) with your actual name (instead of John Smith)- & pay attention to spaces and case - it must be exact.  

*To support the safety of our members and in the spirit of transparency, please be sure and use your actual first and last name

You will then be able to view all of the channels in Michigan. Notifications for all statewide channels will default to “off”, so if you want to receive a ding on your phone for any of the channels such as Jackson rare bird alert or Jackson chat, you will need to manually turn them on. Instructions for doing this are in the “adjusting-notification-settings” channel. You can also make adjustments in (for iOS mobile): settings=> notifications=> discord, for Lock Screen, Banners, Sounds, etc. I assume Android is similar.

Any questions please watch our tutorial video at:

Thanks everyone - I hope you all check out the app, we really love the new platform and hope you do too! It’s going to be a very powerful tool and should really increase the efficiency of reporting all birds to each other at the local and state level as well as promote discussion of birds and bird related topics in general.

Please be in touch for any help or questions you may have. 

Good birding,
Linda Ar

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